A Walk With Wilhemina…

Wilhemina’s first animation!!!

Wilhemina goes out for a walk with the Tomos. Everyone else seems to also be out on this little dirt path for some odd reason. But that ain’t gonna distract lil’ bearded-faced Wilhemina.


The world is a big place…

Wilhemina and the others aren’t the only Guardians. After all, the world is a pretty big place. Not too far from where Wilhemina lives is another land, presided over by Elice of the Sunfields. After Lilias created the Hats of Power, other Curators, such as Elice sought to replicate them in order to protect their own lands. And thus, Helena, Lupa, Manon, Dez, Olivier, Franny and Tatienne became Guardians of their land. However, unlike those created by Lilias, the Hats made by Elice do not come burdened with a curse, and the kids wearing them will not die if they take them off. Because of this, Lilias is working with Elice to learn how to lift the curses from Wilhemina and her friends….


BC and LC in NYC


LC and her big sis out and about in Central Park.

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She’s Back?


What? (Stay tuned….)

Catfartface 2 – The Heartlessness of Man

Still working on Wilhemina stuff. Will be ready for public consumption soon. In the meantime:


Catfartface: Based on a harrowing true story.

Hi everyone! I’ve been away for the last month on holiday, visiting Shanghai and Tibet. Alot of new Wilhemina stuff coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little comic I made as a quick diversion. It’s called “Catfartface”…


Wilhemina + Friends @ Glebe Markets. Saturday April 4th, 2015!!!

Hey friends!

For anyone living in Sydney, Australia, Wilhemina + Friends will be at Glebe Markets on Saturday of Easter Weekend! I will be selling some really adorable Wilhemina + Friends related items, so come on down if you have the chance!

Where: Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037
When: Saturday, April 4th, 2015
Time: 9am-4pm
What: Really cute Wilhemina + Friends Greeting Cards and Air Fresheners!

Hope to see you there!



Burrrs are jerks. They have absolutely no manners at all, and may willingly ignore you if you say hello to them. In social situations, they will eat first before anyone else without asking, even if it isn’t a party where food is being served.

AND, sometimes they will just pick you up by the legs and swing you around for no reason. Not even because it’s fun, just because they know they can. So here we are, a perfectly fine afternoon ruined by a burrr. And look who just happened to show up to laugh at poor Wilhemina’s misfortune: Brunhilde.

In the Beginning…


In the beginning, Gah created the stuff in the sky and theoretical places above, as well as the ground and stuff that’s on the ground…