The world is a big place…

Wilhemina and the others aren’t the only Guardians. After all, the world is a pretty big place. Not too far from where Wilhemina lives is another land, presided over by Elice of the Sunfields. After Lilias created the Hats of Power, other Curators, such as Elice sought to replicate them in order to protect their own lands. And thus, Helena, Lupa, Manon, Dez, Olivier, Franny and Tatienne became Guardians of their land. However, unlike those created by Lilias, the Hats made by Elice do not come burdened with a curse, and the kids wearing them will not die if they take them off. Because of this, Lilias is working with Elice to learn how to lift the curses from Wilhemina and her friends….



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