Hi, my name is Jules, and this is my blog!

I am a graphic designer by day, and illustrator and DJ by night! During times I’m not designing graphics, illustrating, or DJing, I enjoy listening to music, going out to new places to eat (mostly sweet things), reading, and collecting vinyl minifigs.

The birth of Wilhemina began in July 2013 when I picked up my dusty ol’ 3DS out of boredom and loaded up the Mii creator. Much to my surprise one of the last characters I created was a little bearded girl named Wilhemina, who greeted people by saying “Nice to Meatball!” which I found to be quite bizarre and hilarious, so much so I decided to draw her.

wilhemina Originally she was alot more of an angry little girl. She hated her beard and the Tomos so much. But there was something about her that seemed to amuse my friends that I showed her to. From this one drawing, I drew more and more, and started to create a whole world revolving around her and the little creatures that hang around her. I did not expect the world to grow and grow like it has been, and I feel like there’s still so much more to her world of which I have barely even scratched the surface.

I hope you enjoy the stories of Wilhemina & Friends. There’s still alot more to come!

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