Alejandro was just a regular boy who loved to go camping. However, one fateful day he sat far too close to the his campfire, and passed out from the heat. When he came to, his supplies had been stolen and campfire had been extinguished. Seeking shelter from the cold, Alejandro took refuge in a nearby cave. With only the thin little shirt on his back, he began to grow cold and desperately tried to …find something to help warm himself. What he eventually found was the Kasai Hat of Power, and immediately put it on, not knowing of his terrible fate: to be forever cursed with a flaming head. Fortunately for him, he is now also fireproof to a certain extent, and fire only causes mild irritation, as opposed to greater conflagration. He also now has the power to protect the creatures known as the Kasai. These glowing rodents have the ability to fly and resemble small flames. However, they are not actually made of fire, rather, they are merely covered in bioluminescent fur strands that are extremely fine and constantly moving rapidly, giving the illusion of a dancing flame. This rapid motion also produces a fair amount of heat, so to someone meeting a Kasai for the first time, it is understandable that the mistake might be made.

Oh and one last thing, Alejandro will die if his head fire is out for too long. It can be restored merely by calling his name…
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