amelieAmelie is another of Wilhemina’s close friends, who is one of the nicest girls you could ever meet. She is always looking out for the wellbeing of her friends, and many look up to her as a big sister. This beautiful quality of hers however, is what led to her becoming the Queen of the Malos.

You see, on top of being an extremely caring individual, Amelie has heightened empathic abilities, so much so that she is able to communicate with just about any creature she comes across. One afternoon while taking a stroll by the river, Amelie came across a poor little pink fish-like being, gasping for air by the riverbank. Amelie swiftly rescued the little creature, by helping it back into the water. The little creature thanked her with a smile, but Amelie could sense that there was something more going on. Well, it turns out that the creature, one of many Malos, were under constant threat, due to some of the bigger fish and creatures bullying them (a gasping Malo makes squeaking noises, which other creatures find extremely hilarious, and once dead from suffocation, theyre bodies become edible and very sweet and delicious), and without a guardian, they might face extinction. Amelie took it upon herself to become their new guardian, and accepted her Hat of Power without hesitation.

Her curse is merpersonism ie. her lower body is now that of a fish, and while she will never walk again, this allows her to protect the Malos with greater ease, and the Malos could not love her more. However, despite looking like a mermaid, she has no gills or any means of breathing underwater, so she can’t stay submerged too long, although she’s practicing very hard. On the upside, she is still able to survive indefinitely out of water, though in order to get around, she requires a wheelchair.
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