Bastille of the Earth


Bastille, before he became the beast known as the Bastarno, was one of the Divine Curators. While most other Curators were content to follow the path set before them by the Gods (known as the Celes), Bastille questioned their lot in life with much dissatisfaction. Not that the life of a Curator is difficult in the slightest. All a Curator does half the time is run around playing games and enjoying nature. While it is true that they must help maintain the balance of nature and dispel evil should it ever appear, a Curator is well equipped to handle such things. Add to that eternal youth, awesomely cool powers, and generally sexy co-curator colleagues, the life of a Divine Curator is pretty sweet.

However, Bastille still was unhappy by the fact that his destiny was not his own. He felt that he should be able to choose whether or not to fulfil these duties. Should a bunny fight erupt nearby, he should be able to turn his back on it and ignore it without consequence. And oh, god were there bunny fights. Seriously, it was insane back then. Despite it being a time of peace, bunny fights were violent and frequent. While they were no more than intense slap fights or battles of vulgarity, Bastille was still expected to intervene and break them up, much to his chagrin.

Bastille no longer wanted to serve the Celes, and sought power for himself, so along with a band of other equally dissatisfied Curators, he formed a rebel army, with the intent to take on the very gods themselves. When the Celes learned of this, they immediately banished the rebels to the Bog of Sorrows (essentially, a wasteland prison of sorts and not a very nice place to be).

While there, Bastille and the rebel’s resentment of the gods grew and grew. Combined with the dark magics surrounding the bog, the depth of this resentment was so powerful that it transformed Bastille into a hideous demonic beast, and would henceforth be known as the Bastarno, possessing a power that could rival the gods themselves. With this new power, the Bastarno broke out of the Bog, and along with his comrades, began wreaking havoc across the land. This was the cause of the Time of the Ancient War (which was known back then as the time of the War of Right Now), in which the Curators bravely fought against the Bastarno and the rebels.

Lilias was the Curator who finally put an end to the wrath of the Bastarno, sealing him away deep within the earth. After the war, only a few Curators were left alive, others being killed in battle, or dying shortly after.

1000 years later, there have been rumors in the forest that the Bastarno has returned. Could they be true?



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