brunhildeBrunhilde is  Wilhemina’s Worst Friend/Best Enemy. She is the guardian/queen of the forest creatures known as the Dachis. Brunhilde received her Hat of Power while enjoying a stroll and some ice cream one day, when she fell into a pitfall trap that was set by the Dachis. Don’t misunderstand though, the Dachis are not evil creatures, but merely mischievous. The Dachis love playing tricks on other creatures, especially ones that they are very fond of – it’s just how they show their affection. The Dachis had been watching Brunhilde, completely smitten by her. As she yelled obsceneties at them from the hole, the Dachis began to feel bad, and made a quick rescue, fishing her out of the hole with some vines. As a peace offering, they presented her with their Hat of Power which she gladly accepted.

She has become cursed with a purple racoon tail, which is especially ticklish, leading to random outbursts of uncontrollable laughter. Brunhilde is delighted at the fact that Wilhemina has a beard, and constantly mocks and berates her for this.

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