clariceClarice is one of Wilhemina’s neighbours. She is a bit of a simple minded airhead, whom Wilhemina finds a little frustrating to talk to, but they are still friends all the same.

Despite being forewarned of the Cursed Hats of Power, Clarice found hers and put it on without any hesitation, thinking it was just a really cute costume piece. Her curse for wearing the hat is that her face has become that …of a rabbit’s, though she finds the transformation to be really cute and funny, and has no desire to take it off. The hat grants her guardianship over the Kitos, a small rabbit-like race of forest dwellers. Much like her, they are a little on the simple minded side, and so have a very strong affinity with their queen, so much so that they have grown tails that mirror her flowing red locks. (on a side note, their “ears” are actually prehensile limbs, while their actual ears are invisible to the naked eye and located on the sides of their bodies)

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