ericaErica is an energetic girl who loves to make dolls. She is one of Wilhemina’s best friends.

One day whiles frolicking in the woods in search of wild animals to shave (for materials for her dolls) she came across a tattered looking hat. Feeling sorry for the poor hat (due to her habit of anthropomorphising inanimate objects) Erica took the hat home to repair, in the hopes to make it feel better. With a few new stitches and a good run through with fabric softenter, the hat was looking mighty jolly again. Unfortunately, unaware of the magical power contained within the hat, Erica placed it upon her cheerful head, and thus became the new guardian of the Pacas, small wooly creatures that love to stampede around the forest. However Erica is ecstatic with her new friends, as she now has a nigh endless supply of Paca wool for her creations, and despite having been cursed with alpaca feet (which have increased her kicking power, but made her more susceptible to “foot and mouth disease”), she could not be happier.

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