jpJean-Pierre loves nature and science. There’s nothing better for him to do than explore the forest with his little microscope and science ledger on a sunny afternoon. However, one day while studying some igneous feldspar below a cliff, Jean-Pierre was caught in a rockslide and fatally wounded. Luckily for him, his feeble cry of agony was heard by some creatures living in a cave nearby, the Gomuls…. The Gomuls pulled Jean-Pierre from under the rubble, all bruised, broken and on the brink of death. The only way they could save hiim was to put their hat of power on him.

And so Jean-Pierre became their new guardian. His curse though is questionable. It is thought that pale white skin is his curse, though there is another theory that he died in the rockslide and his curse is actually “living undeath” (ie. he’s some kind of zombie). Curse aside, Jean-Pierre loves his new friends, the Gomul. Just a whiff of their sweet scent can lift any mood (and also attracts fairies and sprites), and they are naturally prone to looking after depressed or wounded creatures they happen upon.

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