Lilias of the Wood

liliasLilias of the Wood. She is one of the Divine Curators, who’s dominion is the forest. It is the duty of Divine Curators to watch over and protect the land, with each linked to a certain element and dominion. A long time ago there were hundreds of Divine Curators inhabiting the world. They lived in peace and harmony with nature, and the land flourished with their hard work and care. Such was the will of the Celes, the almighty beings who created the land. However, Divine Curators are now a rare breed, after many of them were wiped out during the Great Ancient War by the creature known as the Bastarno, and his fellow renegades. Lilias, however, was the one who managed to subdue the Bastarno, sealing him away deep beneath the earth, and thus ending the war.

The losses were great and the once strong population of curators was reduced to a scant few. Lilias, however has always been an “ideas” girl, and came up with a very interesting solution. It was she who created the Hats of Power, giving regular children the power to watch over the forest and its many creatures, and the ability to fill the void left by the fallen Curators. However, there was a little hitch in her plan, as another of Lilias’s qualities is that she can be quite impetuous, especially when it comes to matters of magic. And so, during the creation of the hats, something went wrong, perhaps in the words she chanted or perhaps the materials and ingredients she used, and so they became cursed, giving the wearer strange physical malady. Oh tragedy!

One of Lilias’s main goals now is to find a way to break the curse of these hats. Will she be able to?


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