ludovicLudovic is the geeky, shy but sweet little brother of Wilhemina’s nemesis, Brunhilde. After seeing all the other kids with their Hats of Power, little Ludo was feeling left out so he decided to search for one himself, hoping to impress Wilhemina, towards whom he harbors a secret crush. After days and days of looking with no luck, Ludovic decided to crawl into a hollow log and cry. Lo’ and behold…a hat was sitting in the log waiting for him, and without hesitation, he placed the crown on his head. Unfortunately, the hat gave him lord and guardianship over the Myus, a one-eyed slug like race of creature with a taste for sweet things. In any normal circumstance, they would be no harm to anyone, and are even said to be extremely pleasant and affectionate. However, Ludovic is cursed to be constantly covered in a very thin layer of goo, which is actually very tasty to the Myus. While they have no intention of devouring anything but the goo, they’re constant suckling is a cause of much distress to poor Ludovic.
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