marynAhhh Maryn. She claims to be a demon who got tired of life in the underworld and decided to start afresh as a young girl on Earth. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of demons and demonology, and an active interest in the occult. But don’t misunderstand, she is not evil by any account, though one might mistake her for a bad egg since she is often seen hanging out with Brunhilde. However, she only does so as she finds Brunhilde to be quite amusing and fascinating, and partly only assists her in her evil schemes because Maryn enjoys watching Brunhilde fail. Maryn is actually a friend to everyone, and has a very straightforward personality and rarely smiles, which she attributes to her so-called demon heritage. She has a genuine curiosity and interest in others, and likes to observe at length everything around her, and it is this aspect of her personality which led to her becoming the Queen of the Yaoyaos.

One night, while gazing at the moon by the river, Maryn noticed a peculiar cat like creature sitting next to her, also gazing at the moon. The creature noticed Maryn back and gazed back at her. After a few hours of staring at each other, more of these creatures appeared and the staring continued. The next morning, Maryn discovered that she was wearing their Hat of Power for some reason, and that her ears had suddenly grown 3 times larger. Absolutely none of this fazed her, and so she accepted her new position with much indifference. Maryn has a peculiar relationship with her Yaoyao followers. She is somewhat curious to find out more about them, but isn’t particularly at the ready to protect them despite being their guardian. The Yaoyaos themselves don’t really look to Maryn as their protector or queen, but follow her regardless, and neither party really shows any affection for the other, but both respect the others’ existence.

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