sebastienSebastien really has no idea what’s going on, the whole idea of Kings, Queens and Hats of power is quite strange and a amusing to him, but he’s chosen to just go with the flow of it all. Now the King of the Vens, his story began while just idly strolling through the forest, when he came across a group of Vens playing in a small clearing. They appeared to be laughing and having so much fun, and it …was so adorable that he had to stop to watch (the game seemed to be a cross between hacky sack and catch). After a little while, they noticed Sebastien smiling and peering at them, and invited him to join. They played the game long into the evening, and by the end they had all become very good friends. As he was about to leave, the Vens presented him with the Hat of Power, which he mistook as just a simple gift symbolising he was now an honarary Ven. When he learned of the true meaning of the hat, along with the curse of a horn growing from his forehead, he was at first, quite mortified, but after a bit of careful thought, he eventually became cool with the idea, as he had not really made any solid plans for that evening, or any evening in the future for that matter. Coupled with the fact that the Vens themselves seem pretty capable of taking care of themselves, Sebastien figured there would probably be less need for protecting and Kingly duties on his part, and more time for chillaxing and games.

The easy going cousin of Amelie, Sebastien’s charming laid-back demeanor and rogue-ish good-looks have made him the object of affection of many a young lass, including Brunhilde and our dear Wilhemina. Whenever he’s around, Wilhemina becomes dumbstruck, turning completely mute and near catatonic, which Sebastien actually finds a little cute. Brunhilde, of course, is constantly jealous of any girl he pays attention to, and does everything in her power to humiliate Wilhemina in front of him.
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