wilheminaWilhemina is a precocious 6-year old girl who one day found a mysterious hat in the woods and is now the queen of the forest creatures known as Tomos. However, wearing the hat has given her a beard, and if she removes the hat she will die.

By wearing the Tomos Hat of Power, Wilhema is now eternally bound to their fate. She may never remove the hat, or suffer the consequence of death. However, she now cannot be killed by earthly means so long as she wears the hat, the Beard of Eminence remains on her face and the Tomos are alive and safe. The Tomos now recognise her as their queen and guardian and follow her wherever she goes. Unfortunately, Wilhemina is not too pleased with her new responsibilities as queen, and having the Tomos follow her around everywhere can be quite the nuisance, but in time she is learning to embrace this new direction her young life is taking.

The only thing is, it’s not too nice being a little girl with a beard. Razors should always be kept where Wilhemina cannot get to them. After putting on the Tomo Hat of Power, she is prone to bouts of severe depression. While in this state, she will foolishly harm herself by attempting to shave off her beard, forgetting that doing such will cause her to become gravely ill until it grows out again. Luckily for her, as long as there are Tomos close by, her suffering is a great deal less.

Oh, Wilhemina! Poor girl.

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