#3: Handstand pt. 3


Alejandro shows off a headstand, with painful results!3-Handstand#3


Winter Time!

wintermina-final50percentWilhemina loves winter. How the trees become so bare, how the sun shimmers through the snowfall, how the land becomes dressed in a beautiful blanket of white. It’s not… just nature that changes but also the Tomos, and Wilhemina herself. The Tomos take on their blue and fluffy forms, while Wilhemina’s beard becomes white and bushy. Fortunately, it serves as a very effective face warmer against the bitter cold of winter, and perhaps it’s for this reason Wilhemina is thankful for her curse during this time.

By The Waterfall

By The Waterfall


Wilhemina, Erica, and Amelie. Nothing better than chilling out by the falls on a Summer afternoon. Wilhemina has brought Amelie a Blue Pearl blossom, as they are in full bloom at the moment, and also because Amelie’s merperson disability makes it extremely difficult for her to foot on dry land to pick them herself, as she has no feet to set. The Tomos and the Malos enjoy a bit of mingling, as some Tomos even take to the water for a dip or a nice ride from a Malo. On the other side of the fun spectrum are the Pacas, who are not having a good time at all, due to their inherent aversion to water. As Pacas have highly absorbent coats, when they get wet, it makes it very hard for them to stampede around, which is the thing they love to do most in the world. However water is not exactly deadly or dangerous to them, in fact, another property of their coats is that they are extremely bouyant, and a Paca thrown into any body of water will float to the top without any effort, but still, the Pacas harbor a great deal of fear towards water. Erica doesn’t really care though, and is currently exercising some “tough love”, forcing her little Pacas to face their fears and enjoy their time at the falls. “Muahahahaha”, she laughs.

#2: Handstand pt. 2

Jean-Pierre shows off his own technique for doing handstands.

#1: Handstand

Wilhemina attempts to do a handstand.1-Handstand

The little girl with a beard…

Welcome to Wlihemina + Friends’s blog. Officially live and kicking!

Who or what is a “Wilhemina”?

Wilhemina is a little girl who one day found a mysterious hat in the woods and is now the queen/guardian of the forest creatures known as Tomos. However, wearing the hat has given her a beard, and if she removes the hat she will die. Also if she shaves the beard off, she will get very sick. Oh, what a tragic existance. But Wilhemina is not alone. Many of her friends have also found hats like hers, each with their own curse, and now they have all become guardians of the forest.

Stay tuned for weekly strips, pics, and stories of Wilhemina and the gang!