Gah. The Almighty.

Previously, he has only been alluded to by Wilhemina’s exclamations of “Oh my Gah!”, and Brunhilde appeared in a Gah costume in the comics. But Gah is a real being/character/diety!

Gah created everything. ie. the stuff in the sky and theoretical places above, as well as the ground and stuff that’s on the ground.

Taking Gah’s name in vain is a common practice, and not really considered blasphemy (ie. Saying “Oh my Gah!” and “Gahdammit” is perfectly fine). Gah himself is known to use such phrases. How this is known is unknown….


When the lights went out…

“Suddenly, his foot slipped on a mossy outcrop, and Ben fell down into the hole, hitting his head on the rocks below…

When he awoke, he found himself to be completely blind.”



Meet Ben.

Ben was so excited when he saw all the other kids gain their Hats of Power. The idea of magic hats and little magical animals delighted him to no end. He would spend many an afternoon playing with the Guardians and their creatures, frolicking in the fields, climbing rocks, splashing in the river. He was even able to help many of the children come to terms with the horrible curses inflicted on them as a result of wearing the hats. With his positive attitude and genuine demeanor, all the other kids loved him and he became one of their dearest friends.

And while he wanted to be a Guardian himself, he was never jealous of the others, nor did he feel bad that he didn’t have a hat of his own. He realized such a responsibility was given those destined to be chosen, and only hoped that he himself would one day be worthy.

However, one fateful day, as he was taking a stroll through the Forest with his faithful puppy, Bomboloni, he spotted a shiny object at the bottom of a shallow underground cave. Thinking that this might be a long sought after Hat of Power, Ben excitedly began climbing down to get it. Suddenly, his foot slipped on a mossy outcrop, and Ben fell down into the hole, hitting his head on the rocks below and sending him into a coma.

Luckily, Bomboloni rushed to find the other Guardians, who rescued and cared for him the 3 weeks he was unconscious. Unfortunately, when he awoke, he found himself to be completely blind, having suffered massive trauma to his occipital cortex. However, Ben was overjoyed, thinking that his blindness was his Guardian’s Curse, and he had indeed become a Guardian like the others. The other Guardians could not bare to tell him what happened at first, and instead, made a fake hat for him out of leaves to help him deal with his loss.

Ben continues to believe he is a real Guardian. While the other children have tried to explain to him the truth, he chooses not to listen to them. Aside from this, Ben is still one of the nicest, most caring kids in all the forest.


Something new is happening with Wilhemina & Friends. Stay tuned for more. And with that, let’s dive back into their world.

Introducing Pauline!

Pauline is just a straight-up bully. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what’s your story, she will find a reason to shake you down for candy or money for candy, and leave you with a black eye. Of course, this mostly stems from her parents, who were horribly abusive to her, forcing her to go to sleep at night, and making her eat vegetables when she asked for ice cream.

Pauline came across her hat one day in a river, after beating up a fish who she thought was giving her the stink-eye. Upon putting on her hat, she was immediately attacked by a gang of vicous amphibious creatures, known as the Chonks. Armed with only a stick, Pauline dispatched them all with great ease, after which the creatures followed her with great respect, as she was now their leader, cursed by the hat with gigantic hands.

Pauline keeps to herself, and only allows the Chonks to come near her. She really doesn’t like any of the other Guardians, and will go out of her way to attack them if she’s in the mood. The only person who does not incur her wrath, however, is Amelie, whom Pauline believes is a water nymph, and also with whom she has fallen in love.

Nerding it up! (D-style Remix)

Yawwwwn! It’s been a while! Wilhemina and Friends have been having a little off time, but we’ll be catching up more with them soon. In the meantime, Disney-styled Meadow and Lilias have decided to do a parody shot of their kawaii counterparts’ instagram!


The original:


More Assorted Instagram Snaps


More snaps from Wilhemina + Friends Instagram.

1. Ares in NYC

2. Eunji in Busan

3.  Suha for “Liquid Democracy”

4. Besties 😉

5. Min-a dressed for Summer


Assorted Snaps from Instagram

Here are some assorted snaps from Wilhemina + Friends Instagram. The crew have been really busy travelling the world and having lots of adventures.

1. Meadow and Eunji go hipster nerd in San Francisco
2. LaFleur out and about in Kyoto
3. Min-A meets with a young fan
4. Tez (aka Treasa) in the NYC subway
5. YB and JC attempt to recreate a poster (fail)
6. Taewoo (aka Lysander) out and about

Stay tuned for more grammy goodness!


Instagram of the Day: [G-UP]

Instagram of the Day: Photo from the set of the music video of Young Bass’s latest single [G-UP]. The featuring of his PressPlay brothers, JC and Alejandro led to much confusion as many believed that this was the official reforming of the group. When news broke that this was not the case, mild riots broke out in the streets, and while no property was damaged nor serious crimes committed, the number of young girls screaming, crying, holding their knees and rocking back and forth, and cutting their hair off in a symbolic gesture of despair skyrocketted.


Bonus Instagram: Dance Rehearsals for [G-UP]

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Gloom Gloom

One need not worry when entering Gloom Gloom. Sure, there’s a constant chill wind and barely any light. And yes, the trees are barren all year round and there’s a distinct smell of dread wafting all around. And of course, let’s not forget the ominous moaning and random sporadic terrifying screams that fill the air. No, Gloom Gloom presents no danger at all to those who wish to go there. When visiting Gloom Gloom, you may run into some curious little creatures, the Gools. Gools love to scream, and have people scream at them, and while its absolutely horrifying the first time one hear a Gool’s scream, once you come to understand its a sign of affection, you’ll want to scream back. The screams also attract other creatures of Gloom Gloom, most notably the Loogs. Loogs also enjoy the sounds of screams, though to Loogs, screams are their equivalent of laughter. As a result, they like to jump out from dark or hidden places, scaring people and making them cry out. Unfortunately they are unable to distinguish between fear and joy, and often mistake one for the other, so while they mean no harm, those uninitiated often mistake them for threats.

Luckily, Wilhemina and the Tomos have had alot of experience with the Gools and Loogs, and often visit Gloom Gloom for a nice scream session.

Meadow – Disney’d


One of my favorite new characters is Meadow, and here I’ve drawn her as she would be as a Disney Character. It’s not a style with which I’m extremely familiar, but I think the result is nice.