Lysander the Bard


Lysander had always a minstrel at heart. A true musical savant, he was able to make music from just about anything, whether it would be a pebble on a pond’s surface, or the wind against a blade of grass, and had one of the most beautiful singing voices in the all the land. While officially, he was a Curator of the Meadow, Lysander dropped the title as he felt he did not deserve it, as he spent more time making music than fulfilling his duties as a Curator. However, little did he know that thanks to his natural abilities his songs had magical properties to them, helping plants to grow and soothing those around him. It is likely that for this reason he was never reprimanded by the Celes, as they too, enjoyed his many songs and how they inspired all around him. Instead, they bestowed him the official title of “Jongleur”, which he changed to “Bard”, as he hated the sound of the original title.

Lysander never really stayed put in anywhere in particular. He was always on the move, bringing his songs to everyone across the land. It was during these travels he happened upon Florian, a young bunny who was being beaten up by a gang of other bunnies (bunnies are infamous for their random acts of aggression). Lysander acted fast, distracting the other bunnies with a hypnotising ballad, allowing Florian to escape, and eventually somehow ending by launching the other bunnies like cannonballs, several miles away. Florian was so grateful that he pledged himself to serve Lysander henceforth, though Lysander felt it was unnecessary. Instead, Florian decided to merely join as a travelling companion, and quickly became inspired by Lysander’s songs, eventually joining him on percussion.

Later, the duo picked up a couple more travelling companions: Chi, the rosewing, and Wump, an orphan Woolbur, whom Chi was looking after. When first she saw him, Chi was immediately smitten by Lysander and refused to leave his side, while Wump followed along obediently. Lysander, not knowing what to do, let them follow, as he also found them to be quite an odd yet cute pair, and so a merry little band was formed, with Chi joining in on flute, and Wump simply making strange and fascinating vocal noises.


Chasing the Suns


It’s that time of the year again: the Carousel of Light. The sky springs to life, with hundreds of Light Spirits all in friendly competition to earn the privilege of being the Sun for the next season. They dance together, race and bounce around, and is truly a spectacle for those below. By the end, those Spirits who are strong combine to form the daylight sun, while the others return to the earth to rest, and become the stars at night.

The best vantage point to watch the Carousel of Light is atop the mountains, and the Mountain Curator, Treasa, has one of the best views. It seems this Carousel has blessed the land with not one but TWO suns for the next season. This is surely a good omen for times to come.

Abandoned Character: Elena the Duck-Girl

When I was just starting to create the world of Wilhemina, I created this character to be the entity behind the cursed hats, but this was way before the idea of Curators and the War even materialized. After alot of deliberation, I decided that the character didn’t really fit in, both story and design wise, and eventually I rebooted the idea with the creation of Lilias. Still, I thought it would be fun to post the lost character, and to be honest, I actually like her design and the big Mochu next to her, so perhaps they will enter the world again in another way.

Here’s the rough description I wrote for her when she was born:

“All the creatures of the forest look up to the Divine Spirit, Lady Elena. Said to be the very soul of the forest, her original form is unknown, though she commonly takes the form of a young duck girl. Accompanying her at all times is Quackopotaduck, an immortal creature and the last of her race, known as the Mochus. It is said long ago, a diabolical beast referred to in ancient texts as the Bastarno, brutally attacked and rampaged through the forest, wiping out the entire Mochu population, leaving but one Mochu infant, Quackopotaduck. Lady Elena managed to drive away and seal the Bastarno deep below the earth. However it was too late for the other mochus, but Lady Elena decided to raise and care for little Quackopotaduck, giving her the gift of immortality by infusing her with the souls of the fallen Mochus. Lady Elena vowed never to allow this to happen again and thus created the many Hats of Power, two of which are with Wilhemina and Brunhilde.”

Instagram of the Day : Bass + LaFleur Spread


Instagram of the Day : Bass + LaFleur Spread

Photo taken for SWAY magazine.

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Meadow and Fena


Meadow spends some time with Fena, a ceravi fawn. Ceravis are a rare sight in the forest, as many of them are wary of other creatures and rarely reveal themselves to anyone other than their own. Using a camouflage technique called “lightmelding”, ceravis are able to manipulate the light photons around them to appear practically invisible to the naked eye. However, this ability can only be used if they are in sunlight or where the shadows are few. When night falls, ceravis will usually move to high ground and hide in the glow of the moonlight.

The fact Fena reveals herself to Meadow signifies an extreme amount of trust, as fawns essentially spend 99% of their time in a lightmelded state. Most curators rarely see adult ceravis let alone the young ones, and so Meadow is extremely fortunate to have gained the trust of a fawn.

Instagram of the Day: Fashion Meadow

Instagrams of the Day: Fashion Meadow

Yes, K-Style Meadow is also named Meadow. Meadow started her career as a fashion model for DEER International, and quickly became popular due to her infectious bubbly personality. It was this aspect of her that earned her a position as a regular cast member on the popular variety show “Sprint Champions”, and complemented the cast with her impervious resistance to the pain and torture that was a staple of the show.

Since then she has also acted in many secondary roles in dramas such as “Flowers for Sunshine”, “Pretty Boy Punishment Club”, and “This Is My Spoon”. Her first lead role in the drama “Love Kick Face” currently airing on NBS, has received modest criticism, mainly for Meadow’s acting, which has been described as “somewhat befuddling”, possibly due to occasional breaking of character, weird delivery of her lines and mistakes such as using her own name instead of her character’s.

Incoming Updates + Getting Real

I have a backlog of sooooo much stuff to post up, but it’s just been a little hectic in real life, so I have not had much time to sit down and update as often as I’d like.

Aside from heaps of gram photos, I’m trying to work on a new website to home Wilhemina and Friends, though having a demanding full time job doesn’t really allow for alot of time for my passion projects these days. My vision for Wilhemina and Friends has changed so much as well in the last year, so I’ve had to reevaluate where I want to take her.

It was around this time last year when I made my first doodle of Wilhemina. Wilhemina and Friends really just began as an a bunch of characters I wanted to turn into vinyl figurines/designer toys. But as time went on, I made them a whole lot more complex than I intended, adding more and more characters with backstories,  and I got sidetracked into creating their world, and the now spinoff modern day world (which is fast becoming more the focus, which it shouldn’t). In a sense ,this was just a way for me to delay actually getting to work on the toys, and coupled with my general lack of belief in myself and absolute lack of marketing/business know-how, I further held myself back from pursuing my original idea.

However, I feel as though I need to just take the risk and do it, otherwise I may regret not even trying. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, and I feel like if I don’t do it now, I will probably never do it. So hopefully within the next year, we’ll be able to see Wilhemina and Friends toys!

If you are a regular reader/viewer of Wilhemina and Friends, I just like to say thanks. I really do appreciate it. I really have little to no idea if this little project of mine has really reached or spoken to anyone, but I’m very happy if it does. Thanks for your support!


Tréasa of the Mountain


Treasa, the mighty guardian of the Mountains. Before the Great Ancient War, Treasa was one of the most renowned Warrior Curators in the land, with few who could match her in armed combat, and even fewer in unarmed, with most of those who challenged her in such having their arms removed from their bodies (of course, only if they deserved as much). Treasa lived for battle. There was nothing she loved more than a good scrap, and while loved and respected by her fellow Curators, she also made them incredibly nervous, as she was prone to giving friendly arm-punches that would leave bruises for days.

When the war broke out, Treasa’s excitement reached an all-time high. She fought bravely and defeated many of the renegade Curators, though to an extent, it was moreso to satiate her deep lust for battle rather than because of her duty as a Curator to protect. However, as she began to see her brothers and sisters fall to the enemy’s brutal attack, she realized how selfish she was being, and used her power to protect and rally those she could, leading many of the less experienced, weaker Curators to the safety of her sanctuary, a fortress deep in the heart of the mountains. Little did she know, an ambush lay in wait, biding their time as more and more were herded into the seemingly impenetrable fortress. Then, one evening, Treasa was distracted by a phony distress call, a request for aid in the forest many miles away. As she rushed to the forest, the renegades sprang an avalanche within the sanctuary, killing all who had sought refuge there. When news of this reached, Treasa, she was devastated, and blamed herself.

Treasa eventually survived the Great Ancient War, but carries to this day a great sorrow, which she tries to hide with her tough brash exterior. She is very close to the other remaining Curators, especially Meadow, and deep down, she is very protective (almost to a fault) of Wilhemina and the other young guardians, although on the surface, she constantly berates them for being weak, and mocks their various curses, pointing her finger as her body gyrates with hilarity.

Meadow of the Meadow

meadowmeadow - Copy

Meadow is one of the last surviving Curators, and also one of the youngest. She was born around the time of the Great Ancient War began, when she emerged from a blooming daisy in the heart of the Meadow of Tranquility (random fact: when Curators are born, they are already fully grown physically, though their mind is not completely mature yet). Almost immediately she was attuned to her role as guardian of the meadows so much so she rejected the name given to her by the Elders in favor of the name “Meadow”. Meadow led a very jolly life, bounding and prancing about the field, and became one of the fastest and most agile of all the Curators in little time. It is because of this that she is one of the very few survivors remaining from the war, which broke out mere weeks after her birth.

In spite of the sadness from the loss of her many brothers and sisters, Meadow remains jolly and bubbly. Because of the war, she was never truly educated in her duties, nor was she trained in proper speech, and so always refers to herself in the third person and and sometimes acts and speaks like a young child. However, since her empathic connection with nature is much stronger than most other Curators, it more than compensates for her lack of training.

Meadow also loves playing with Wilhemina and her friends. She treats them like older brothers and sisters despite Meadow being far, far older than them, much to the confusion of the young guardians. Lilias always tries her utmost to get Meadow to act more responsible, and guide and watch over them like a Curator should, but Meadow’s naivety and borderline ADD always prevails.

4ngel – “Submarine: 3rd Mini Album”

“Submarine” was the third release of the Korean pop group, 4ngel released in November 22, 2012, digitally and November 30 physically, in both Standard and “Admiral” Edition. Tracks included:

1. Submarine
2. 화이팅 화이팅!
3. 너에게 친구?*
4. W.T.F. (feat. Gorhyme)*
5. Submarine (Down Low) (feat. Lady M & Domin) [Remix]
6. Submarine [Instrumental]

*Admiral Edition only tracks

The Standard edition came with the CD and photo booklet, while the Admiral Edition included a 4ngel embroidered patch, IFE discount voucher code, and an extra DVD disc featuring the Submarine M/V, and a behind the scenes featurette.

After the tepid performance of the group’s previous release “Love Dentist”, 4ngel came back in full force with “Submarine”. While the song itself perfomed very well, peaking at #2 on the Kaon Singles Chart, it drew it’s fair share of controversy when its music video was released. Concieved by the Japanese director, Pancake “Kimchi” Yoshimoto, notorious for numerous innappropriately sexual candy commercials, the video featured the members in extremely skimpy naval uniforms dancing in an overtly suggestive manner, which contradicted the more sweet image they had established prior to “Submarine”. One scene in particular involving torpedoes was reported to have caused many young children to cry. The group issued a formal apology to the public, and offered to send to all their fans a bottle of “4ngel Eyewash”, which subsequently became a very popular product when it was officially released commercially.

Additionally, a second “clean” version of the M/V was released shortly after. However, the budget was much lower for this video, with much of the money having already been spent to mass produce the eyewash product. The result was a video consisting of stock footage of the ROK Navy with the heads of the 4ngel girls superimposed on the seamen in the videos (both male and female). This video also drew criticism, especially when it was revealed that it was partially subsidized by Navy with the intention of using it as a subliminal recruiting tool. The group was forced to issue another apology as it was unknown to them the Navy’s involvement.

A final third version of the M/V was released after this, shot on the girls’ phones. The video consisted primarily of shots of the group playing with toy submarines and soldiers, and day to day activies including making dinner, and shopping. Fans of the group loved the new video while the overall it was dubbed by critics as “inoffensive and acceptable”.